Brazil extends Amazon soy moratorium | Embassy of Brazil in London

Brazil extends Amazon soy moratorium

The Amazon soy moratorium, in place since 2006, was this week extended until July 2010.

Under the terms of the moratorium the Brazilian soy industry agrees not to buy soy from newly deforested areas in the Amazon.

According to environment minister Carlos Minc, such has been the success of the moratorium that 'soy is not a relevant factor in Amazon destruction any more', while Paulo Adário of Greenpeace Amazon has called it 'an important strategy in fighting deforestation'.

Measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the moratorium will include the monitoring of properties smaller than 100 hectares, which had not previously been included.

The moratorium is to be showcased in international forums, including the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December, as a potential means of gaining financial support for soy producers who preserve the rainforest.

Source: Embassy of Brazil in London